Pain slut Dakota Wolfe takes the 30MT Challenge

The Pit - Hot pain slut, Dakota Wolfe stands in the pit as he’s bound with leather belts before Van gets his cock hard. Heavy clamps are tightly screwed onto Dakota’s nipples as they’re tormented with the sting of the cat-o-nine tails whipping against his tender skin. Dakota pushes through the pain of his nipples before enduring an extreme flogging. - The Chair - Our pain slut moves onto the next challenge as he’s bound tightly in the chair, with medical clamps pinching all over his torso and tied off to the wall. Dakota endures some CBT as electricity torments his aching balls. Each clamp is removed from his tender skin, Dakota screaming at the top of his lungs each time the clamped skin gets whipped with the crop. - The Gimp Station - Finally, Dakota moves onto his third and final challenge. He’s bent over, with his hands strung up behind him as his ass endures a heavy caning. The gimp shoves his hard cock down the boy’s throat before jamming it up his ass for a rough fuck. As reward for successfully completing his three challenges, Dakota finally blows his hot load all over the floor.



Slave Boy Initiation
Dakota Wolfe waits on all fours as dom of the house Christian Wilde approaches with crop in hand. He beats the boy till his milky skin turns nice and red before shoving Dakota’s face in his crotch. After swallowing his master’s cock, the boy is bent over backwards as Mr Wilde takes out his flogger. He flogs Dakota’s hard cock as it points straight to the sky before turning him over and flogging his backside. Electrodes attach down Dakota’s thighs as an electric butt plug slides into his hole. The bound sex slave bites down on his bit gag as electricity surges through his hole. Finally, Dakota’s hole is stretched open for his master’s cock as Christian pounds his hole and rewards the boy with a face full of cum.


txlaplay asked:

You mentioned feeding Your boi aphrodisiac food and supplements to maintain its eagerness and readiness. What are You feeding it to accomplish this?

masterwalterblog answered:

Yes, I do. Since I systematically feed My boi these foods and herbs I have noticed it has become insatiable excited and rigid. I have to say though that on times that I need the boi to perform longer and/or harder I complement this with medicinal aphrodisiacs which give certain and immediate results.

I often make the boi a mix (that is, I order the boi to prepare its own ‘bitch mix’ as I call it). These are the foods that are put in it: asparagus, almonds, avocado, chili peppers, watermelon (white parts of the flesh), figs and Goji berries

As herbs I use Ginseng, horny goat weed (epimedium), L-Arginine, Damiana, Tongkat Ali and Yohimbe. These herbs are all considered to enhance the sexual performances, and some are helpfull in enhancing testosteron and strenght. 

I have tasted the mix, and it is disgusting! But that doesn’t matter ofcourse. Main thing is that it works and keeps Me with an excited thrilled and hypersexual boi all day long!

Master Walter